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Furnal's Big M is changing our name!

We will now be called:

Furnal's Fresh Market

After 40 years we have made the decision to change grocery wholesalers.  Our Big M wholesaler, P&C Foods, filed for bankruptcy last year and we have spent this last year looking for a wholesaler that could accommodate our needs as an independent retailer.  We have decided to use Olean Wholesale out of Olean, New York.  Olean Wholesale has been serving independent retailers in the New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio markets for close to 90 years.  Some of the markets they service in the Rochester area that you may recognize include Hegedorn's in Webster, Wade's in Victor, and Herrema's in Irondequoit.

How does this affect our shoppers?  Well you probably won't notice many changes but here are a few:  Our weekly ad flyer will have a different look.  We will be working on the format and making a few changes as time goes on.  Our private label brand of products will be changing from Food Club/Best Yet to Shurfine brand.  All our customers have asked us if our meat will change and I can tell you, "Absolutely Not!"  We will continue to buy from the same meat suppliers that we have used for years but now will have access to many new suppliers.

The store is still owned by myself, Rick Furnal, and all our employees will still be here to handle your needs.  We are very excited about this new beginning and appreciate any of your comments or concerns.  Have a Happy New Year and thank you for your business.


Richard Furnal

...And a Web Site "PS"

We are working diligently to get our Web site updated and, by the way, taking the opportunity to add many improvements.  (have a look at our new Maps!)  Thank you for your patience while we iron out all the wrinkles.  We welcome any feedback you might have.  Please feel free to contact us anytime at Webmaster AT Our Web Site DOT com

PLEASE NOTE:  The new Web site address is FurnalsFreshMarket.com - don't forget to update your favorites or bookmarks!

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